Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patch

Well we officially made our first trip to a pumpkin patch. Like picking out a Christmas tree, the pumpkin patch seems to be a right of passage that all parents must do. From what I could tell everybody gets in autummy colors, takes a picture in front of some corn stalks and have a grand old time. Well we took care of that part as you can see by the pictures but well. . .I am just going to say it, I think the pumpkin patch is overrated. Granted there were several hurdles that we had which you might not. One it doesn’t seem like fall has hit yet. I keep waiting for a nice 50 or 60 degree day to put on long sleeves and enjoy some time outside in the crisp fall weather. Every weekend it has been in the 80s and Kansas is doubling as a desert this year so there is no crispness. We arrive at the pumpkin patch via a gravel road that was dusty and narrow to the point where our lives were likely in danger. Also there were several people standing around smoking at the entrance and let’s just say I could see these people having a #3 hat at home if they weren’t wearing em. I normally wouldn’t be that snobby but smoking at a place that is very kid tailored is very not cool if you ask me. Then as we walk around nobody really tells us anything. We meander out to the patch, sweating all the way, with lovely dust collecting on the sweat. We find a respectable pumpkin and take a pic and get out of there. I am sure someday it’ll be fun as we can do the corn maze, it won’t be hades and Emma can enjoy all the festivities.

As always Emma is learning new tricks of the trade. She now will put her arms out to her side when she is “all done”. We also have taught her “touchdown” though when we do it during Hawkeye games I think she is too alarmed from the yelling that preceded that to know how to react. We will work on her in game skills. She is generally enamored with various balls and loves to carry them around and throw them on the ground. She generally eats anything if she is in the right mood, if she’s grouchy it’s a fruit or bread only basis. Emma’s also developed a unique habit. If she hears you in the bathroom, she will come in and close the door behind her as if she has you trapped. Even if you turn off the lights and leave the bathroom she will then close the door after you left and hang out in the dark. Its interesting to say the least. Also, I finally got the baby gates up. Emma loves climbing stairs and while that’s not a problem, we have to monitor her in case she falls back, so its nice to not have to run back and forth 20 times every hour to either bring her back to the living room or follow her up the stairs.

Oh and this is a catchup post, another coming tomorrow

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