Thursday, November 4, 2010


Last weekend we headed back to our first Hawkeye game since Emma was born. Shockingly, Grandpa and Grandma agreed to take her off our hands. I know, who knew grandparents would want to take a little ball of fun back with them with no parents messing up gparent time! Anyway, we had a great time, perfect weather and of course the perfect outcome. It was our first game since Iowa beat Penn State (then undefeated #3) in 2008. With a great outcome Saturday against number 5 (37-6 for you sad Jayhawk fans who think its already bball season), I told Lela if Ohio State comes to town in a few weeks in the top 5 we are obligated to go back. Kirk Ferentz would want us to. Hayden Fry would want us to. Heck, I bet Nile Kinnick is looking down wanting us to. We’ll see, it’ll probably be too much and we’ll probably blow it beforehand (I say we as if Lela and I are a part of 20 yr olds’ lives) but I will feel bad if we don’t go back and they lose. Yeah, totally not a crazy, illogical Iowa fan at all.

Anyway, we had our first Halloween experience (putting emma in her costume for 75 seconds last year doesn’t count). As you can see, emma was a pumpkin. She didn’t seem to notice that she was wearing what was essentially y a big orange cloth bag and just walked around like it was no big deal. We got to meet some more of our neighbors (which seems to be a never ending process in a neighborhood with houses still going up). Oh, met a few Ohio State alums, think it’s a sign????? Yeah, one track mind. Anyway, it was a good time but I am sure it’ll be even more fun when emma can walk around and at least think its neat when people give her a substance she can’t eat:)

Oh, and we also had Emma’s 15 month appointment. All was well, she’s still in the 60s for weight, 40s for height and has a good sized noggin. We also did a little self assessment thing with our Parents as Teachers rep. Emma scored REALLY well on all the fine and gross motor stuff and is doing well in language though its not her focus yet. Apparently they work on one or the other for periods of time, which is interesting. Anyway, could have fooled me, the girl likes to talk! After we picked her up from the gparents she talked for an hour straight “telling us” about her time in Alden.

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