Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chocolate cheerios

 Chocolate cheerios

I need a minute to complain and sulk here. Our Hawkeyes have let us down. We were all pumped for a good to great season and ended with 7-5. I have spent many nights not able to eat or sleep, just lying awake wondering why oh why. And Emma has gone on a weekend nap strike just to show she doesn’t tolerate this kind of season. But, many of our problems were solved one day as we walked through Costco and saw this. . . .

We didn’t buy any at the time, as there weren’t any samples and we have a strict policy against buying things we don’t know that we like from costco, but the seed was planted. I soon found myself in the Walmart cereal isle grabbing the first box I could find and when I got it home, after Emma went to bed. . . Heaven. Emma has not yet been allowed to try it, Honey Nut Cherrios are her drug of choice, she likely would refuse all food if she ever got Chocolate Cheerios. . . Seriously, it can operate as breakfast, as a snack, as a dessert, if I were a single guy, it would likely also be dinner on several occasions a week. 

Anyway, I digress. We have been relatively busy, with the holidays and all that lately. Emma’s favorite word continues to be “Mine”. She doesn’t yet really understand that word, apparently it’s a word said frequently by her classmates at daycare, so to Emma its just a word she uses when she wants something that’s in your hands. She is quite the monger (made up term we have in our house for being a beggar, but more fun than that word). If you have HN Cheerios or a pumpkin muffin (which is one of lela’s excellent, not so bad for you goods) or any other tasty treat, emma will follow you around saying “Mine, Mine, Mine” like the bird on Up until you relinquish some. Its hard to resist, but at that point she is clearly mongering (good use of the term, eh?). Emma no longer walks places, she generally runs, which is interesting. She is obsessed with Cooper, her favorite word is “dah” which she especially says when he is around, but also uses for any 4 legged animal. Emma had great fun playing with her cousins over tgiving break, we didn’t get any pics of them playing, but generally every toy imaginable was on the floor by the end of the day. . .good times. She also seems to be talking a lot more since we got back, likely an attribute who she picked up from her cousin Julia who is rarely at a loss for words. She also LOVES when books are read to her, especially before bed. When you combine that with Grandma’s love of reading/singing, good luck getting your hands on Emma at night while in Iowa!

This is the first year we have decorated much for the holidays. Last year we didn’t as we were selling our house and it was a no-no apparently. Not decorating clearly worked since we had about 30 showings around the holidays and didn’t sell our house for 5 more months. But at least I am not bitter about it or anything:)

Oh on the wife front, Lela accepted a new position at Assessment Technologies Institute. Her previous employment was not what was advertised, so it was a good move. And for now (though they may move due to growth) it is literally a 2 minute commute. As in if there were sidewalks she could walk there commute (though there are not).

I might be crazy and post twice this week, you wait and see.


Emma loves to pat cooper.  cooper, well he endures it

Even the hard slaps!

Pictures are hard with Ems as she generally thinks mom is the funniest. . .

In spite of food or bugar, I am still cute!

Favorite word "dooooooooh"

Tickle fights are fun

Sup gangsta, you want some of this?

Fake waffle and Los Numeros in hand (see previous post on that book), time to blow this pop sickle stand.

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  1. I think I've said this before, but Jesse and I just love pictures of her-- she's SOO cute! And now you've inspired me to update our incredibly out of date blog (which has the same background as you.) :) Jaz