Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're baaaacckkk.

And we are back. Contrary to popular belief, I did not get fired from my blogger job. Anywho, a lot has happened in the past month. Emma is now way past just walking. She no longer ever crawls and rarely walks. She has even developed different techniques of walking, such as shuffling if she is trying to get through a tight space. Emma no longer has her previous love of meat. . . it has been replaced by beans. Yeah, the resulting deposits are um, slightly less desirable. Lela has furthered this love as she has started purchasing “bean bars” which is a Korean treat that is like ground up beans that are frozen like a pop sickle. Its heaven for Emma, and if she doesn’t get it when she sees it, we might as well just put in ear plugs. Also, no longer does emma just eat most things that are put in front of her (for us at least, at daycare she cleans up allegedly). It makes meals very, um, vocal and interesting. Also her other favorite thing to do is after she has drenched her hands in fruit juice she will then put her hands on her head which is lovely. Of course when I ask day care they say she's their best little eater and they have no such issues.  Already putting on a show for them, not for us.

Emma has also grown very fond of the stairs. If we lose sight of her for 10 seconds she heads to the stairs and wants to climb them. She has decided that crawling cautiously is overrated, so now she wants to “walk” up them while holding the rails and scoot down as fast as possible throwing all worries of stomach burn to the wind. Emma loves adventure, adventure with mom and or dad standing 2 inches away trying to make sure adventure doesn’t lead to danger!

Emma has also started to show some OCD tendencies. If there is a cupboard or drawer open, she will walk over and close it. At day care in an effort to delay nap time she has been known to pretend make her bed which sounds funny, though again it isn’t so funny if she is tired at night and a beast to deal with. We have flipped her car seat finally, so now she loves to watch us to see what’s going on up front. For me she especially seems to like when I sing and dance while I drive, specifically to Eminem and Rihanna. I mean that is sort of like Lela and I (white and asian) though I don’t think there is any talk of tying anyone to a bed post and lighting the house on fire:) Thus ends my musical reference for the day.

Emma has also decided that she wants to start a boycott of the entire state of Arizona. First they took her friend Lily away. Then they made her mommy and daddy stay up til the wee hours only to watch the Hawkeyes come back from a huge deficit to tie the game and then lose. This old man is made to go to bed at 9:30 on saturdays, not start watching games! I think my grandpa or some older Huebner used to say nothing good can come of a place where you can’t grow anything. We are starting to agree. . . .darn desert.

Bunch of pics from everything that’s been going on

 Riding the ranger with the grandparents and cousins

 Emma and Clara

 Emma loves her cantelope.  by love I mean likes to see how much of it she can fit in her mouth at once

 Some pics with the grandparents before dinner

 Morning crazy hair time

 For once a picture with MOM's eyes closed!

 OUr little beggar

 Good luck getting these 3 to sit still at the same time!

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