Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catching up

Sorry, I have been really slow about blogging.

2 weekends ago Lela ran in the Susan B Komen Race for the cure. Whoever decided long ago that that race should always be the first half of August is not a friend of ours. Seriously, how many times has that race not been hot? I know that its for a great cause, but can’t we have a race for a good cause when its not 10000 degrees? Anyway, Lela was a champ and got 2nd in her age division, so Emma and I were very proud. After the race we raced out of there and got one of Emma’s favorite things in the world. . .smoothies. Emma becomes somewhat insatiable when she realizes that’s available. I normally make them every morning, occasionally we will stop at Smoothie King, but I like to think mine are the best!

Last week also marked another milestone in the whole having kids thing. . . Lela stopped breastfeeding. If you would have told Lela she would breastfeed for over a year when we started this whole journey, she would have likely looked at you like you were smoking pot. Even though pumping took so much time, much like many things in our lives, it became a challenge to Lela. And generally with challenges, lela wants to win. Even though we have no competition per se, Lela sees how long she can do it and how much we can accumulate. Of course there is the whole connection that breastfeeding helps nurture from both mom and daughter and the fact that its not exactly bad for the kiddo, but that's just secondary:) Needless to say that just because the act is over, our supply is not. Even in spite the travelling and the long hours at work, we will be feeding emma breastmilk into September. . .and likely October! Anyway, I could tell it made Lela a little sad but I think she agreed it was time to hang up the pump.

Last weekend we headed up to Ann Arbor to visit our friends Travis and Missy. My first thought whenever I hear Ann Arbor is to reply “is a whore.” Yes, I am mature, but ever since I saw that t shirt back in 2001 at an Iowa/Michigan game (coincidentally I was actually with Travis at the game). Anyay, Lela has vowed to divorce me if I say it again, but I thought I deserved one more time! Anyway, we had a great time with Travis and Missy exploring the town. We hadn’t previously realized that the Arbor is for trees, so there’s lots of trees -I believe that when watching the history channel that Michigan was once the leading logging state but they over did it and are now 40 yrs into letting the trees go back, yeah, I am a nerd. We hit up a few local eateries (including Korean which is one of our favorite cuisines to eat with the rumery’s as they are very adventurous) saw the sites, etc. We did get into the big house, long story, better told in person than on a blog. We also got yelled at by some random dude for stealing his parking spot even though we didn’t. Again, long story, ask Lela she’s better at non blog, live story teller.

We were worried prior to our trip that Emma would still be retaining a cold she had had but magically she got over it the day before we headed out. We also had a layover at Midway and Emma did great on all the flights and we didn’t have any big hang-ups. We are so blessed to have such an easy going little girl!
Emma has also really started to walk. She’s up to about 5-10 steps at a time and has really started to push it. Its so amazing watching her learn and grow. She did have a 24 hr bug this week which was torture but pulled through it like the champ she is. She has also taken on a love of putting her shoes on. She isn’t quite there (at all) but she likes to at least press the shoes against her feet. She’ll soon be self sufficient!

Lastly we got proofs of emma’s 1 year photo session. If anyone wants to look its this

enter password: "huebner3"

Emma proud of her mommy after her run!

Emma taking a snooze after a rough day

Emma enjoying some fine ann arbor cuisine

Us after enjoying some fine korean cuisine.  Travis' hat makes me vomit

Us after sneaking into the big house

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