Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well I think we have started to finally recover from Emma’s B-day week. It’s amazing how now that we are old and stuff things like that are great but then we need forever to recover. I personally can’t get over that we are just one year removed from that beautiful day. I mean the day emma was born it was in the upper 70s. . .for a high. . .in July. . .in Kansas City. Seriously, are we sure it happened? And then we brought her home to our well. . . home. The place where we no longer live. . .sniff sniff. And then we moved. . .and almost died. . . but made it. There’s about a billion things that happened in the meantime so I could go on and on, but it is INSANE to think of all that transpired with our little girl who was once a lil wasian noodle (that’s not a racist comment, don’t worry) and is now a crazy wasian gangsta who only stays still for more than 3 seconds if she is sleeping.

Speaking of gangsta, Emma has gotten into music more and more. Apparently at daycare they have dance time, something that Lela has witnessed and they say that Emma loves it. Well based on her moves I am guessing she is friends with someone who loves metallica. Emma loves to headbang, as in headbangs so hard she has frequently hit her head on things, then cries for 10 seconds then starts headbanging again. Sometimes she hops on her knees while headbanging, which is extra dangerous. She also loves to sway back and forth, as in holding a lighter (or cell phone if you are young enough) during a metallica ballad. Luckily even though her skills are based on that genre, she keeps true and loves her hip hop. Lastly she will grab a bib and twist it around her head like Petey Pablo. Nobody knows what I mean, but I throw on a little chris brown or Jay Z or Lil Wayne and she loves it. Such great role models, Emma and I have discussed that she shouldn’t listen to their words or think they are good people because they aren’t. She understands, but also wants to keep it real, Wasian style.

Emma also has an increasing flair for the dramatic. When I get to daycare to pick her up, she first makes her way to me, then she pretend cries for a second until I pick her up. Then I pick her up and she laughs as if she thinks she has successfully manipulated me. . .which she sort of has. We also went to our pool for the first time as a fam last weekend. Emma loved it for about 20 min while we took her around the big pool in her floaty and she loved it splashing and kicking around. And then the signature lip came out and it was time to head back.

Emma continues to work on the walking. She now does not want to have her hands held and to be walked around and will only take steps if its on her own. She usually gets 4 or so and then plops to the ground. She also loves to kick while she eats. This makes our house sound like we are in the movie Jimanji, minus of course the jungle actually coming into our house.

Anyway, below are some picks of our Jimanji machine and of her having fun in her chair.

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