Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Belated Easter

Sorry long time no write again. Well Emma is now crawling forward, which means we um, probably should get to babyproofing and all that fun. . . She loves it though and it has now created an urge to climb everything. Within a day or so of the forward crawl came being able to get herself standing up, which was cute for about 30 seconds the first time until she fell and hit her head on a wall. I know, I know, there will be plenty of bops to the head but that doesn’t make it any more fun! The sad part of this is Emma likes to cuddle less now as she wants to be going somewhere, the best we can get is that she will crawl over us if we are next to her.

Last weekend we also went back to the big IA for Easter and also for Julia and Jacoby’s bdays, as we aren’t going to be able to make their birthday bash due to Lela’s travel schedule. Traveling with an infant is always an adventure as you all know and can imagine, it seems that just getting out the door is the biggest hurdle with Emma. Once we had that aspect covered, Emma was phenomenal. She slept to Des Moines on the way out and from there on the way back, which is really all we could ask for. Cooper was his usual somewhat annoying but mostly good self also, so the actual drive was fine, sometimes the anticipation is almost worse than the actual drive. Once there, Emma enjoyed getting to see her cousins and everybody else. She obviously didn’t grasp the whole easter egg hunt concept but was great as she got passed around and got to watch all of the kids who passed through her line of vision during the miscellaneous activities.

This week we also had Emma’s first rise in temperature. We know we have been really lucky with her as we have only had to deal with colds, but I think both Lela had a “oh crap, what do we do” look on our faces when we first discovered it. Okay, so maybe that was just me and Lela knew what she was doing, but I like to pretend some days that I am not the only dumb one. Luckily it looks like it was either a brief bug or teething related (still haven’t seen a tooth, but its coming) so it was short lived. We know, we are lucky!

Emma continues to love to “dance” to various songs we sing her. We continue to embrace non conventional songs, such as Lela’s new top hit “Let’s go get the mail.” Emma and I may or may not have remixed that, and that remix may include the phrase “going to get the mail like a crazy Wasian gangsta,” but I will refrain from giving full details until our recording album comes out. I think it will be called “The Wasian Gangsta Hawkeye”, has a nice ring to it.

We’ll post some pics of our exploits later, in the mean time, keep it real.

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