Wednesday, March 24, 2010

8 months

Last Sunday was Emma’s 8 month b-day. Very cliché but holy crap its been a fast 8 months. That’s 2/3 of a year for those of you doing the math at home, which means we are 2/3 of the way to a smash cake. That’s 66.6666666666666666666666%. Okay, I am a math nerd, I admit it. Coincidentally, Grandpa and Grandma Huebner rolled into town to visit “their Emma.” So we got extra coffee, milk, and splenda and were excited to see them as its been awhile. And they were excited to see us, well in a particular order. . I may have mentioned this, but one of the interesting aspects of becoming a parent is that you become a secondary note in life. People now ask you how you are doing and then immediately ask how Emma is doing, which means they asked us about us only to get to Emma as she is far more interesting. I guess when you don’t change that much like we old people, you become less interesting. Anyway, we are now just the people who own the house where Emma resides, especially for the grandparents, so seeing us is just secondary. Its not like we mind as though Lela and I still discuss our own lives, I think we would much prefer to just play with Emma and watch her pick up a rattle and make funny faces. What I am getting at is kids make us all dumber and less important

On a development note, Emma is still moving without the full forward crawl. She’ll get a few inches forward and then just decide its much more fun to back up and sit up and goof around than trying to work and crawl. She loves to eat baby food, so we are enjoying that and hopefully it lasts! Her first bite is always exploratory, with a possible sour face, but she generally will eat as much as you can give her! Emma has also decided she hates being on her back, so changing her has become very interesting. She still loves to laugh and talk back and forth, so every day is a fun day with Emma.

Emma definitely got spoiled the week Lela took off in between her jobs and went into Mommy Only mode for a day or so, but she’s generally pretty adaptive so she has come back out of it. Her Grandma Cheryl also taught her to raise her arms to “Sooooo BIG” which she now thinks is the funnest thing ever and I can’t say that we disagree! Emma also started “dancing” a little. Lela thinks this means she’s going to be our little dancer, I tend to think she is just practicing for when she hits the game winning shot or goal (depending on if its soccer or bball season), but we’ll have to see what really goes down.

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