Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy 9 month bday!

Its incredibly hard to believe that Emma is already at the 9 month mark.

Since its NFL draft week, here are her measurables
Height – 27.25 - 45%
Weight – 20 lbs, 3 oz - 77 %
Head circumference – 17.25 in - 54%

Intangibles - likes to play til she crashes, can pound breastmilk at a level unparallelled by other Wasians, getting entirely too fast at this whole crawling concept, along with a great head of hair. Can brighten up a room with her smile and still has a lot upside as in still hasn't gotten her teethe, and is just learning to gum food. This is a can't lose pick people, I'd give her top pick money.

So she’s doing great. We had a meeting with our Parents as Teachers contact the other night and she also thought Emma was doing well. For those of you who haven’t done such meetings ever (or don’t live in KS which currently has the program but may be cut by the state budget) they come in and talk to you about where your child should be and some ideas on how to help them progress regardless. When asked if we sing songs to her, there was an awkward silence and I said “well I sing songs with Emma when Lela is away at the gym” which is translated as she may have walked out and reported me to the state of KS if I would have said, “yeah Emma and I sing songs about being a Wasian and a Gangsta, and about being a crazy mofo, you know the usual Johnson County songs,” as would have been more accurate. So technically I didn’t lie but rather just gave her the information she needed to know.

Emma has basically gone crazy, in a good sort of way (so the songs we sing are somewhat prophetic). She now stands next to everything, including her table. For some reason she still loves the violin piece the most, other than the fact that it fits nicely into her mouth, but to me its one of the less fun portions of the table. Weird that Emma’s thought process doesn’t follow my impeccable, Spock-like logic. Lela’s doesn’t seem to either. . . hmm, women must be crazy, I am clearly right here. Anyway, we have been baby proofing the house incrementally (which is husband code for I have put it off and trying to catch up on it) and anything that we do not baby proof is the very thing that Emma craves. She is also increasingly dramatic which when combined with her boycott of 2 solid naps in any one day makes for some lovely bipolarism some evenings. To boot, she has figured out that doing the standing cry rather than laying down in her bed at night generally gets her some extra love. We’ll have to put a stop to it soon, its pretty scary that she is already very quick to figure out ways to manipulate us!

Anyway, hopefully everybody's having a great week, we are definitely trying to savor every moment with our crazy little wasian gangsta princess.

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