Wednesday, January 27, 2010


To add a little color to previous posts, Emma did very well at the dedication. Grandma and Grandpa had helped her to get extra rest Thursday and Friday, so when she woke up Saturday she was chipper as can be. She then refused to nap prior to the dedication at 11 but still maintained her happy demeanor. After a post lunch snooze, she woke up around 2 and stayed up the rest of the day. We were worried we would pay for it, but other than the usual crankiness that immediately preceded eating and going to bed, she was great all day. I have determined that maybe we should have made her an actress and it seemed as though she was sort of showing off for everyone all day:) Anyway the dedication service was great, with the inherent responsibility of parents in raising children that it emphasizes weighing heavily on Lela and I. Again, thanks to Emma's friend Lily for the beautiful dress, it was perfect! On a somewhat humorous side note, the family next to us in the service kept moving forward so it was hard to get pics of us. Um, hello, this is Emma, you don't stand in front of Wasians, its sort of a rule.
Emma LOVES the bath. Here are some pics that Grandpa and Grandma took while they gave her one.

Here are a few of the pics we currently have. There are some others that were taken by the other cameras that might be better quality, but I figured I would post these for now.

Travis, I don't think you got the memo, its black shirt with grey pants day. . .

Same to you dad

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  1. Oh Emma looks like a little princess in her dress! She's getting so big...we really need to get our girls together for a play date soon.