Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy half bday!

Well our little Emma is officially 6 months old as of Thursday. Seriously, where has the time gone! We are going to have to get used to the celebrating half birthday thing as once Emma gets to be school aged, she will celebrate that rather than her regular birthday since she won’t be in school on her bday. Wait, why didn’t I lobby to have my bday moved to summer so I could get 2 bdays? Quite a deal if you ask me, and I am sure in the years after she hits school age Emma will milk it for all its worth!

Emma has been knocking out new things like crazy the past few weeks. She got the hang of sitting a few weeks ago and can go for quite awhile without tipping, well in excess of 15 min. She has gotten the hang of when she does fall over to roll into a tummy time position in the last few days. She's squirming on the verge of moving on her tummy, so watch out when she goes mobile! She also can grab things at will, and transfer them from hand to hand which we were told is good (being new parents that are accountants we had no idea!) by our Parents As Teachers representative. For a few weeks she has also been able to stand if we stand her up next to something, which is amazing. She really thinks that one is funny and generally laughs the whole time. She has continued to coo, with her new favorite thing to do is blow bubbles which she especially seems to do at night. As I have previously mentioned, she really seems to gain steam about 30 min before bed time, very much like her mom! She has gotten the hang of just going to sleep though and generally just makes noises to herself for 10 min after being layed down and then is out for the night. Anyway, our little girl amazes and excites us every day!

This weekend is also a big event for Emma as she has her dedication at church. Her friend Lily lent her a dress which will look fabulous I am sure and Mom and Dad are down already as well. We are really blessed to have them come down and both help us out while we are busy and take such great care of Emma. In addition to that Emma finally gets to meet Travis and Missy. We have been trying to coordinate to meet with them for quite some time but nothing worked, and they made this weekend to work in event though they are moving to Ann Arbor next week! Something about Travis trying to play doctor up there or something, if I catch them wearing Maize and Blue we may have to reconsider our friendship. Anyway, Emma has a bad cold again, and is battling through it, Emma doesn't get overly fussy when not feeling well to this point, just is very spacey and tired most of the day. Hopefully she is chipper as can be tomorrow morning at 11! I will post some more afterwards and include some pics!

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