Monday, August 26, 2013

Catching up with the Huebners


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Tis how we would describe Disney. 


Before we start into it I want to preface it with thanking  my parents who made it all possible.  I want to be clear it was a great trip where we had a ton of fun  that we will always remember, so please take my other comments in jest in that they are amusing observations.


To our youngest daughter Kinsley.  I cannot wait until you have an 18 month old child.  I pray each day that that child lives life with as much “enthusiasm” as you.  Accordingly when you have an 18 month old, we are going to take you to Disney.  We will also stay on resort and let you enjoy 25 min bus rides from each resort while your child also expresses the enthusiasm through screaming and thrashing around.  Oh and we will for sure bring our stroller, in hopes your child can get mad every time we put her into and then fall asleep finally as you try to exit the park and have to get her out.  Also, note to Disney, you have a great place and you print money.  Maybe you can come up with a bus system that allows open strollers so we don’t have to wake up kids to get on and also so dad doesn’t have to be the guy constant folding it up and running into everybody with it.  Hopefully your husband will take your screaming child outside too when said child freaks out in every show possible.  We know all you really wanted was to be able to walk around, unfortunately while you are a very skilled walker for your age, your legs have the length of a 9 month old and don’t get you anywhere very fast. 


To our oldest daughter Emma – we hope to do the same when you have a 4 yr old.  We hope that your child is also as enthusiastic as you.  We hope that she freaks out if her opinion isn’t followed also and that she follows the similar pattern with the whole falling asleep as we leave the park as you did too.  Hopefully she enjoys the little mini water park at the hotel as you did and plays for hours in it (see I am not totally snarky).  We hope that she enjoys meeting princesses also and parades and sleeps the entire flight home.  Hopefully your husband doesn’t get sunburned at the beach as I did and have to deal with a huge blister on the top of his foot and sunburn everywhere from when the sunscreen that he applied 4 times washes off  in the water. 


We really did have fun.  Emma got into the princess and parades the most I think.  She enjoyed some of the rides, but she is not the most adventurous kid in the world, rollercoasters are not her thing for sure.  Luckily she had just surpassed the magical 40 inch requirement that allows you to go on the majority of rides.  Kinsley had fun too as she loves animals, but really wants nothing more in life than to walk around herself  and see the world.   Emma still talks about Disney and how she wants to live there  (she says that about many things she likes).  We also had a great day at the beach as you can see in clearwater, sans the lighter complected folk getting some crazy sunburns.  Oh and the flight back, though it was delayed was phenomenal.  Emma literally slept the entire time and Kinsley a decent chunk . 


Below is a litany of pictures from our travels as well as emma’s bday.  More about the girls later


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