Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our house is much like the US economy.  Our currency – cheese.  If you want somebody to stop crying or put on their shoes or get into the car or really anything constructive, cheese is paid.  We really have no idea where the love of it came from but its discovery has been very important to getting out of the house on many occasions.  We are like the economy where while I think in general things are really good, there are some dark days where you don’t want to turn on MSNBC to hear the bad news or in our case what boycotting naps has caused. 


For some reason our girls don’t like to naps.  Well I should say they don’t like naps at our house.   Which is awesome.  At school their teachers rave about how good of nappers hey are generally, Kinsley lays down and is out in no time they say.  Emma if secluded from all opportunities to be social (as in basically sleeping in the corner by herself) sleeps really well.  While we love our princesses dearly, there are certain hours we prefer to not spend with them on the weekend, namely nap time.   Napless weekends then lead to scary afternoons where we go from playing gleefully to everybody laying on the ground crying.  I know you are thinking “it’s a house of females, this happens” and you are right, but it’s even worse than you think.   Of course this does lead to some longer evenings for mommy and daddy as everybody goes to bed early, but I think we’d much prefer someday for everybody to just nap and be happy. 


Emma is in many ways the best mix of Lela and I and in many ways the worst.  When I was a child I wasn’t always Mr Social that liked to go out and meet people and be all friendly.  Emma has inherited this to some extent in that when we meet people, even people she knows, she gets all shy which drives me insane.  Lela didn’t like to go to bed.   I know this because Lela still doesn’t like to go to bed.  Emma doesn’t like to go to bed at night.  She comes out at least 2 times every night after she’s been put in bed to have some sort of discussion.  “I think I need to put my baby to bed” or “I am afraid to flush the toilet because of the monsters” or any other number of responses.  The problem is that while they are annoying her narrative is really, really hard not to laugh at.  Friday night she came out regarding baby not being in her bed.  I told her her baby was in bed already and quickly scrambled to get the baby out of her high chair and into bed in case she made her way down.  Emma totally called me out “what’s that noise?  I can’t know what it is because I am up here and you are down there but I don’t think my baby is in bed.”  Emma is also obsessed with sickness, which we hope is a sign she will be a doctor, but is probably just indicative that she’s a goofball.   She talks about throw up more than one should and if someone is sick seems almost excited about the concept. 


Kinsley is in the “I am obsessed with stairs and think its funny to run away from my parents” stage.  We haven’t put up the gates just yet, we are putting it off, but we probably should  as every other time you turn your back Kinsley is making a run for the border.  She’s been talking a lot more and you can tell she really thinks she’s saying something but we obviously don’t understand it yet.  Welcome to my world as the only non male in the house who doesn’t walk on all fours. 

I will post some pictures of what’s been going on in the Huebner house this week.

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