Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall with Emma

Sigh. I am getting progressively worse about blogging. Sometimes blogging is much harder than one would think, to me at least. Blogging has somewhat of an emotional investment to it, one that I can’t totally explain, but one that explains why to be frank I haven’t just not felt like blogging the last month or so, but rather the thought of blogging almost made me nauseous. I can probably point to a few things that may or may not cause that, but at the end of the day it is what it is, but hopefully now I am back. By the way, that paragraph was in no way meant to show emotion, because I am a man and above emotions.

Emma is a really great kid. Every morning we wake up not necessarily excited about going to work, or watching the Hawkeyes (seriously, Minnesota and ISU???), or getting lawn work done. We wake up excited because we can’t wait to see what Emma does. Will she make me sing the Iowa Fight Song 40 times or 50 (not even kidding and her daddy is very proud)? Will she run around the entire neighborhood on Halloween? Will she tell a joke that she doesn’t know is a joke but we die laughing? I can’t express how exciting every day is now. Every day she seems to be more fun than before, and its very easy to ignore that we have been told she is one of the more strong willed kids in daycare and that she fights us more than a lot of kids would because the fun far outweighs the not fun.

Emma has been very into a few things among others. She loves planes, hot air balloons, the moon and school buses. We live near an area where there are a lot of hot air balloons, a small executive airport and within a half mile of k-12 of BV West schools, so she gets to see 3 of those a lot, plus the moon is there wherever you go so those are point out to us frequently. It also turns parent's minds to mush.  As I drive to work and see more school buses, I think in my head "Schooooool Bussss!!!!!".  Only its just me and 810 radio in the car (Border Patrol style), so yeah, a little weird.

We did the whole pumpkin patch thing again this year. Again it was warm and everything is dried out because Kansas is turning into a desert. It was a short lived visit. We got the required photo and got out of there. This post is not at all jaded against the pumpkin patch visit that is required for parenting young children

The weekend before Halloween was very unique in the land of Huebner. Lela went to Charlotte to visit a friend who has an infant. Emma went to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to have some “the world revolves around me” time. and I had man time at our house to hang out and do man stuff. When I say man stuff, it no longer means what it used to. Back in the day, man time meant waking up at 9, grabbing a breakfast sandwich at mcD’s, lounging around, spending 5-10 min doing something constructive, then lounging something more with trips to chipotle in there somewhere too. Now man time means I get up no later than 7, maybe treat myself to a bagel I bought the day before, get to work on various projects around the house as soon as possible, take a break that is the length of a movie and then get after some more projects that I haven’t had time to do most weekends. Granted, there is still plenty of trips to chipotle, but they are lessened by the requirement to finish the leftovers that are in the fridge and time requirements for projects. So yeah, life is different now! Anyway, I was proud I got various projects done while the ladies were gone, including a couple painting projects which were exponentially easier without having to worry about keeping a little wasian out of the way. and while a day or 2 of solitude is a good thing for me, I was ready for the craziness that our house is many days to return. Also, it’s much easier to get over Iowa losing when I have Lela and Emma around than when the way I have to get over it is by staining a chair. And they lost. . . .not that I am bitter or anything.

And then there is Halloween. Emma was a lamb. She loved it. And we loved it, it was our first real Halloween where Emma sort of understood. Emma went to lela’s work and quickly learned that accumulating candy is fun. It was however warm there, but Emma refused to take off her “hat.” It was also unseasonably warm for trick or treating around the neighborhood, so Emma got pretty warm. Not from sitting in her wagon as we had thought, but from literally running through the neighborhood. We went to walk to a house of Lela’s coworker that is about a half mile away. Emma ran there. I thought she would be tired from that and ride home, quietly into the night. Nope. She ran all the way home, then would not go to bed as she wanted to hand out candy. She’s a crazy kid. As Ludacris once said, “She gets it from her momma” or something like that. I don’t think he was talking about energy for running either, but we’ll use it in that context.

Anyway, here are some lovely pics

Last Trip to Deanna Rose for the year

 Random bath pose

 Its amazingly entertaining to watch Emma eat bananas

 Pumpking patch time

 Happy Halloween from our favorite lamb!

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  1. Mike - I am happy when you's been a great way to keep up with you and Lela! Congrats to the two of you on baby #2. And yes, very sad loss last week *sigh*. Love the pic's of Emma!! Be well, Brieanne