Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Its a. . .

So we found out awhile ago, but I haven't been on the blogging boat for various reasons. As many of you know by now, we have having yet another crazy wasian gangsta princess. I don't think Lela gets this much, but whenever I tell people I get the "oh, that's so sad for you Mike" look. Maybe its the look most guys get, maybe its moreso me because I am extra masculine (I am being somewhat sarcastic), but it strikes me as a little odd as I reflect on it. Really, have you guys met Emma? I mean she is the greatest little kid ever, regardless of gender. Maybe I am not sad in the least because I don't know what I am missing, I quite frankly can't imagine life with a little boy. Maybe its because a part of me looks forward to protectiong my daughters from evil boys (I am less kidding than you probably think). Maybe its because I now never have to make the decision of when to allow a little boy to play tackle football. Maybe its because there is less risk of being hit with in the face with urine while changing a diaper. Maybe its because someday I dream of having a quiet afternoon watching non-Hawkeye games in the fall as the girls go shopping (note, when the Hawkeyes play, all members of the family watch, gender neutral style). Regardless, of which of those are more or less relevant, I am just as excited about having another girl as I would have been having a boy. Its probably a reflection on my shallowness, but because of my propensity to care a little too much about sports, the main thing that girls don't really do that boys do is football. And thanks to Title IX, that arguably gives a wasian Huebner girl a better chance at a full right athletic scholarship to the University of Iowa than a boy. And yes, I fully acknowledge that I am 35,000 steps ahead of myself and that as Lela reads this she is rolling her eyes.

Emma is a funny kid, there are very few things she can't cheer us up from. They have been learning about sizes at daycare and Emma's favorite thing she has learned from that is "Big Truck" only Tr sounds like K, and well. . you can imagine what it sounds like as we drive down the road. . .Emma also now loves to ask what things are, which is amusing now, but I am sure someday the why's might wear on us a bit:) it also appears that Emma has pretty good eyesight (knocking on wood). She sees the most small minute things and amazes us. She also loves hot air balloons, and there are a fair amount of them periodically floating around South OP. One night one even landed in the little park in our HOA and Emma was in heaven. That was 2 weeks ago and Emma still talks about that night.

Here's a few pics, I will keep up better in the coming weeks. Below Emma is sporting her first hawkeye jersey of 2011, courtesy of Grandma.

Role reversal?

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  1. Hahaha, Lily has the same issue with "Big Truck"..."Tru" replaced by "Co." I must have the mind of a teenage boy because I die laughing every time I hear it and encourage her to keep finding all the big trucks! :) And oh man, the why question kills me...I've even found myself resorting to "because I'm your mommy and I said so!" Congrats on baby girl #2!!