Friday, June 4, 2010

Los Numeros!

Los Numeros!

You may be wondering what that title means. Well at our doctor they have some program where they give you a new book every time you come in. Every book we have gotten is bilingual, and there is one that is tiny that is, you guessed it – Los Numeros. Emma likes to pick it up and carry it around with her like its her purse or something, and for some reason its fun to say Los Numeros!!! Well really its fun to say most things in Spanish, sometimes we change Emma’s table’s settings to Spanish because Arriba! Is a lot more fun than “High”. Emma also loves when we say Los Numeros (see, its catching on in your head as we speak) and laughs every time we say it.

Well since we last wrote, Emma hit her 10 month bday. She has also been standing more and more on her own. She can make it about 5-10 seconds (I tend to round up) so she is probably close to walking, but who knows. Emma has also learned to clap and loves to clap about everything that occurs. We’ve begun to see a little of the whole separation anxiety rearing its head, though in general emma is good to go, she has those clingy times whereas she used to be somewhat indifferent to anybody leaving. She has gotten crazy fast at crawling, so it’s a lot of fun to chase her around

Emma got her first brief visit to both the pool and the zoo. Her visit to the pool was very abrupt because a “floater” was discovered, which is lovely. Special thanks to the awesome parents who take their kids to the pool without swimmers about 10 times every summer. We also got free passes to the zoo from some friends and thought Emma would love it. Well it was relatively warm, so Emma looked like a 50 year old who had been drinking all day and couldn’t see straight because apparently she wasn’t prepared for the heat. We had fun though, we’ll have to hit it up sometime when Emma is herself. Oh and we also took Emma for her first visit to the baby swing. She LOVED it, lots of squeels and there are pics below

Emma also got some Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes rash this week, which was lovely. That’s not really what it’s called but as the nurse practitioner who looked at emma said the title that had something to do with knees, that song popped into my head and I didn’t totally follow the rest of what she said about the title. Luckily it hasn’t slowed her down too much but it did mean that her and I got a day to hang out. Emma thought it was so fun that she mostly boycotted naps and was extra fun. . by fun I mean touch and go. Of course we also made the mistake of giving her motrin right before bed, which took hold about 20 min later (20 min of Emma screaming her head off I might add) and after we couldn’t take her screaming any more, we got her up. Emma thought this was great and got up and played like it was first thing in the morning. LONG DAY, I think I am getting to old for this:)

10 days til the big move!

Emma plotting to take down dad's tower.

Emma's first time swinging!

Emma playing with Clara

First trip to the pool prior to discovery of "the floater"

Some pre bed time playtime

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