Thursday, June 24, 2010

Los Links!

Okay, so that title has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that one Friday a few weeks ago we had some bad storms outside of the KC metro. This caused my boy Gary Lezak to be on tv more than some would consider necessary (but I heart Gary and his mega nerdy meteorologism so I can’t say anything bad about him or his shaved head ever), which caused a situation where we couldn’t have a DVR’ed Friday Night Lights. Thus we had to watch it on computer and when you do that you have to watch one commercial over and over and the one they showed was a Bing commercial that was in Spanish with English subtitles that ended with some guy screaming “Los Links!” at the end and never stopped being funny. Its not even a had to be there type thing as I am probably the only person in the world who would laugh all 6 times we watched it. Anyway, I digress, might be the last spanish title we have, we don't want to go overboard.

Since our last post much has happened. Well not numerous things but one giant thing. . . we moved. In moving we were reminded of something that while is common sense, sometimes we forget – change is hard. Even though we love our new home and it has some bells and whistles our previous home didn’t have, it was really sad to leave. That was the home our marriage started in, it was our first major joint purchase and started to figure out what being married is. That was the home where for the first time we actually met neighbors and gasp, liked them. That was the home where we figured out how to maintain a home, and figured out that I can’t do some things because I am an accountant and not a construction manager. That was the home where we brought this little puppy who would morph into a crazy lovable beast. That was the home where we prepped for Emma and then brought her home on that pristine July day. That was the house where we lost sleep over a newborn and where Lela spent her maternity leave and spent all that time cuddling with Emma back before she was crazy mobile and morphed into a crazy wasian mofo. So there were a lot of memories there that were just hard to leave. But just like the time in Denver which we so enjoyed, it was the right time to leave and the Big Guy helped bring everything together this time just like that last to show us where we should go and that we were making the right decision.

That being said, the Big Guy clearly has a sense of humor and apparently likes to make things harder than they need to be. That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, blah blah blah. So Tuesday started out as a great day. Everything was coming together, our buyers were supposed to close first thing that morning, it was my last day of work before the move, we were supposed to be set for our close the next day. I used the term “supposed to” because none of that happened. First our agent after trying to get ahold of the other agent forever figured out the buyers hadn’t closed and weren’t going to until Wednesday. This was lovely as all our documents were set on that basis so our lender and title co had to scramble and I had to help them because apparently they lacked the ability to adequately communicate. We finally got everything ready and then closed 2nd thing Wednesday on our side. Lela went to training and I went back to the house to prep for the move. Finally at 4:45 we found out the other people had closed. First sigh over. Of course packing was never ending, I stayed up later than I would like to admit and of course the movers were right on time Thursday morning on the day when we could have used a little extra. Well the day actually went relatively quickly, move took longer than expected but finally we were in the house. There were a few goodwill things left behind and other junk, but not much I thought to myself.

Well Thursday night as lela went to bed as she had to work

Friday, I made my way back to the house to get some stuff done so Friday wasn’t a scramble. I walked into the house and neared nervous breakdown. OMG so much to do, how will it ever get done. Normally, I celebrate such emotions by getting onto my computer or watching a movie I have seen 143 times and procrastinate, but luckily there were no such amenities. Then I discovered a lovely hornet had let itself in during the move and had to spend 10 min trying to kill it without it attacking me. Also fun. Thankfully that night I got more done than I originally anticipated, so I left in the wee hours feeling good about everything.

Friday was installation day. I couldn’t imagine living another day without cable so I had all that kind of thing installed. After all of that went down I went back to the house hoping it would be a quick trip just to get things and then Lela and I could walk through and make sure we got everything and Lela could say goodbye to the house and any neighbors that would happen to be around. I pulled up and for some reason my garage door opener didn’t work. Hmmm, interesting. Well the electricity was off. When I had called to transfer utilities they told me that when title transfers on the weekend of a house, people typically transfer before the weekend (as you can’t do it during the weekend), so I had it transferred out of my name on that day and assumed the new owners would find that out and have it transferred. WRONG! They forgot to turn on the utilities so I was greeted by a lovely 90 degree house. Thank goodness I had done most of the work the night before, otherwise I might be in prison right now for just burning the house down.

Saturday came and we headed to the house one last time to get our plants. Lela talked to a neighbor while I tried to get a few of those things and the new homeowner came up. Our agent had always preached not ever interacting with them until everything is completely done but he walked up to me so I couldn’t help it. He wanted to put his washer and dryer in the garage so I let him. He also started walking through the house which he wasn’t supposed to because the carpets had just been cleaned. Its his house in 12 hrs so whatever I thought. Well its annoying to have 2 people (he had a friend who looked like a bouncer) who are walking around judging things and talking in a different language so that I can’t understand them. Anyway they finally left and we left for what we thought would be the last time. Well Monday we get a call that there were all of 10 boxes which we had left in the back corner of the basement (nice boxes btw) that they wanted removed and they wanted our garden box removed. . .um, it’s a garden box, it comes with the house, get over it. And after all the crap we went through because they couldn’t get their crap together (some of which has never been mentioned here) I went back and got those last boxes out cursing all the way. So some of the previous memories are currently somewhat tainted by all of this. Okay I will end my rant there.

Anyway, we love the new house. We are starting to get more and more unpacked so its really starting to feel like home. We have met a few neighbors (who’s names I always immediately forget) and have started to explore the area and love it. Cooper has been riding the struggle bus as we are just now getting sod and he for some reason doesn’t like to take care of business in the dirt. Lovely!

Emma seems to have adapted seamlessly, like a crazy wasian mofo champ that she is. She had to go pack and play for sleeping for a few nights and did okay but the night she got her crib back, she slept until 8 and we finally just had to get her up because we had to go to work! So apparently she missed that. Her new daycare seems to be going well, she is in the toddler room now and seems to be doing really well. She now stands for quite awhile and has begun twisted back and forth. She loves to walk with someone holding her hand so the next step is walking, no pun intended. She has also become more and more vocal in the evening, so that is also lovely. . . She’s doing great with the sippy cup and no longer needs a bottle ever (which was a requirement to get into the toddler room)

Oh yeah, fathers day was in there, first one for me! It was great, Lela got me some weber grill tools (no I just need to get the weber grill to go with it!) and made me several meals which sounds easy but the state of our kitchen at that time made it a bit more challenging! Great day though

Anyway, no pics for now, we have been too busy moving!

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  1. Pictures please!!!! Can't wait to see how big Miss Emma is getting!