Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sick Lil Girl

As most parents experience early on, we have had a series of colds go through our house the past few months. Everybody talks about it, the "I always hated having sick kids" comment is right up there with the "enjoy your sleep!" comment that people give you when your pregnant with your first child as far as frequency goes. Truth be told Emma has been a trooper the various times she has had colds. She is generally just dopey and a lil volatile, but all in all she is just a muted Emma. This cold seems to have been worse though, again the symptoms are similar. She refuses any form of food except milk, it used to be fun to feed her new things but now she just looks at us like we are asking her to eat monkey brains. She is only good for about 10 min of play time whereas usually she can just mess with various things for an hour. She wakes up about 5 times each night and screams for a minute before going back to sleep. Today we even had our first time with her throwing up milk, which absolutely broke our hearts. She primarily wants to be held and most naps she prefers to be held for part if not the entire time.

The cold has showed other things. Emma has a clear preference for Lela when she doesn't feel well. There is something about getting the milk straight from the tap that comforts her and helps to relax her. She will give me occasional smiles, but most of her smiles come with her mommy in the room. There's something about it that just seems to make her more at ease. As a Dad, its great to watch this interaction, as it makes both of them light up. Well its great except for when Lela's in busy season and its twice as hard for me to comfort Emma and when she won't take a bottle because she knows if she cries enough I will interrupt Lela from working and make her feed Emma. Yep, she's that smart already! As I stated previously she also prefers to be held which makes the cold when we are busy good and bad. She does go to bed earlier, which is helpful for me and makes Lela feel like she is missing less. But when she is up she is 100000 times needier and there is very little leaving her alone for more than a minute. Anyway those are my humble observations.

Here's some pics I took of Emma today

Again, the name on the ball says it all

Happy with her ball

Preparing for a dribbling lesson . . with the ball, not her mouth
Either going to eat the ball or pass it to someone else. . .

Glad that working on ball security is working for her, I don't see any other infants getting it out of her hands

Few pics of our new house going up! Not much for now!

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