Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The end is near. . .

It appears as though the end of life as we know it in our house is near. . Emma has begun the crawling process. She hasn’t yet moved forward but moves herself backward several feet and can spin and apparently that is the last thing that goes down before the forward army crawling begins! Everyone keeps telling us not to be exciting as it’s a lot harder to keep track of the kiddo, but still, every little development is very exciting. She also loves it when we stand her up next to things and can go for 10 min standing with the lean, so she’s ready to get around in the world! On other fronts, Emma has also started to pick up more and more on the eating front. Thus far she enjoys green beans, squash and peas. Feeding time is always interesting as Emma is never real sure about starting in and you have to put some food on her lips before she decides to dig in. Emma also loves to laugh and giggle, especially when Lela comes home and helps her do some upside down breakdancing (true story!). While Emma likes me and occasionally thinks I am funny (especially when I do “So Big” which I stole from grandma Huebner), but she is enamored with Lela. The second Lela comes in the door from working out or from work if I pick up, Emma’s eyes light up and she has even started reaching for her. As a Dad, nothing could be better. . . well on par would be a Hawkeye national championship someday in football or having Emma win a gold medal in gymnastics, but I will take this to tide me over until those things have a chance to occur. . .

Life right now is pretty hectic in the Huebner house. Here’s an average day at this point, I know I know, woah is me!

4:30 Mike gets up and feeds Cooper and heads to gym
5:00 Lela gets up for the morning pumping. Lela preps all the bottles for the day and goes through mail
6:00 Mike gets home from gym, Lela leaves for gym. While Lela is gone, mike makes the morning smoothie, coffee, cleans up the living room kitchen if need be and gets to shower
7-7:15ish Lela arrives home from gym, Emma gets up rearing and ready to go. She drinks her milk while Lela showers and then enjoys some jumperoo time while Lela gets ready. Meanwhile Mike is usually finishing up anything else around the house that needs to get done for the day
8ish we both get out the door and off to work!
6ish Arrive home with Emma from daycare. We try to switch pick up days, once busy season is over Lela will do a majority of it again but for now it’s a daily battle
6-8 Emma eats, plays, does whatever else. If Lela didn’t pick up she arrives home around 7 and takes care of Emma. Meanwhile Mike usually washes the outfit that Emma has pooped through. You think I am kidding but Emma has hit a 90%+ of pooping on outfits in the last month. This would be good if it were a free throw percentage, but alas it is not! Anyway, Mike also washes the daily bottles, which has recently increased as the daycare dishwasher isn’t up to code or something. Oh and somewhere in there, we both ate or inhaled some sort of food way faster than one should.
8-sleeptime-One or both of us works to try to catch up. Cooper is also generally being a pain during this time as he lacks the ability to lie down out of his crate for more than 30 seconds. Mike tries to get to bed by 9:30, Lela by 10 after her evening pumping. Lately these bed times hasn’t happened which isn’t helping things!

Anyway, I know I am whining, just wanted to give you a glimpse into what feels like Groundhog Day (as in the movie with Bill Murray). I thought it wouldn’t get worse than last year as both of us were in public accounting , but it seems to have! The weekends are even more fun with when one of us isn’t working us running out of the house for showings so people can not buy our house. Nope, not bitter at allJ

Anyway, let’s get this train moving back in the positive direction, the reason I posted that average day (other than to be a martyr:) is to say that in spite of that craziness, our lives are so much better with Emma in them and we are thankful for that. While it’s a scramble now that we have Emma, we can not imagine what life was like before her. Every laugh can brighten the worst day ever and just seeing her explore the world is way more entertaining and fulfilling than anything we have ever done. We don’t have time to read much any more, we don’t have time to watch tv or movies much (though we do sneak in a little Lost or 24 some days to help cool down) but those don’t seem important. All that is important is getting to experience the laughs of Emma, or getting to see how proud of herself she is when she holds herself up or getting to see those beautiful eyes in the morning when she is laying in bed prepping for her day. Every bath we get to give her when she splashes the water everywhere or diaper change where she pees everywhere isn’t a pain but something that is a joyful experience. Someday, washing her clothes after she poops in them will be fun, but I am still bitter about this whole every day trek she is in:) Having her has made us realize what it really means when people talk about kids and how it’s the hardest but best thing they ever did. . and we are only 6.5 months into it! I digress, my point is we are so blessed to have Emma, she is such a great, easy going, cute (at least we think so) baby. We thank God for giving us this gift every day, and we try to not screw it up.

We have some vids of Emma we will post one of these days so you can get a glimpse of the goofball she is.

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