Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Huebner blog is back!


Where do I start after the lovely 3 month sabbatical. . .


Kinsley is growing up every day. She’s still a squirt, she was about 7% as far as height at her 9 month appointment, but she can really get around.  She started getting herself to standing up back on September 10 and started crawling September 20.  She now is in full bore mobile mode, she can get pretty much anywhere fast and is working on walking a little whereby she can stand for 5 or so seconds without support.  She’s a great eater, and is currently loving meats of all kinds.  Thanksgiving was a bit rough as she threw up as we were preparing to leave for iowa and being away from home with a sick infant is less than ideal.  Kinsley still is not a night owl, most of the time is in bed by 6:30.  She still doesn’t have nearly as much hair as emma did at that age, but she has a fair amount.  She is however following in emma’s footsteps and hates naps.  We love that she is a great sleeper at night and would take that over being a napper, but couldn’t we get both with one?  Hopefully she’ll get the hang of it as she moves into the next room at school when they go to 1 nap a day.


Emma is, well unique.  She continues to be hilarious at least part of the time, she has a nack for saying things that make us burst into laughing.  Lela loves to cook as I may have previously mentioned and emma has really gotten into helping her with that.  Oh and emma tried soccer this fall.  It was okay.  Emma was the youngest on her team and never seemed to get comfortable.  She seemed to do well when she was trying, but most Saturdays became a power struggle whereby Emma would whine for a snack or space out in protest.  There was probably some "holy crap these kids are bigger and knocking people down" in there, but mostly power struggle, which would end with Emma crying on the way home because she didn't try.  Sigh.  Emma's a good kid, but she just pushes every limit ever, so some nights its good that we don't have a waiver wire for her :)  Sometimes we need to go to our respective corners and take a nap (I am very pro-nap for adults also).  Gymnastics is up next, we shall see how that goes!


Emma has been going through quite a phase the last month or 2, whereby she is a handful at home.  By most accounts it sounds like she is doing well at daycare, but when she comes home, sass is to the max.  While 2s weren’t all sunshine and roses, 3 is proving to be even harder.  Emma did have a great time over thanksgiving with her cousins.  The three of them go off and play together for hours, which is a nice break but also great to see.


We will be updating more often


First soccer day

Still a proud hawkeye every friday at school, because that's how we roll

Love the costco carts

trip to the pumpkin patch, well played going with white pants on a muddy day Emma

Emma is serious about her soccer apparently

The Kinsley face as  Emma likes to call it

The neighborhood fall party

Our zebra and owl for halloween

Emma's not sure about bowling

Santa's helpers!

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