Saturday, August 4, 2012

More about 3

I think every child is unique and Emma is no different.  She is they type of girl who will wrestle around with me and is adventurous where she feels comfortable, all the while if something new comes across her she is shy and hesitant.   She loves to be the center of attention and to be a bit of a mother hen per her daycare teachers, but if she doesn't know people around her very well she is fine with blending in.  She is the most stubborn person I know, even outdoing both Lela and I.  But she has a knack for making us smile and will literally tell you the same story 5 times in 2 minutes, but somehow its not annoying. . .well not too annoying.  She loves puzzles and can sit for a long time and do fairly advanced puzzles, but is just as happy running around (walking doesn't seem to be an option ever).  We can't say enough about her, she struts around, is her own person, and we hope she stays that way.  Well except for when that results in her laying on the ground in protest about how she wanted put on a different shirt than was laid out for her, but the individual who is okay with who she is and doesn't want to be any different unless she decides she should. 

Onto real events, Emma had quite the lead up coming to her birthday party.  My sister and fam came down (aka Emma's mega fun cousins) Wednesday night and we spent Thursday and Friday doing a lot.  Thursday we started by going to Deanna Rose.  It was hot and we got there literally as they were opening the doors.  it was great, we even had 10 minutes or so where it seemed like just us.  We checked out the new Leawood Oklahoma Joes and then the afternoon was time for the family pics (I will post those later).  After dinner all of us headed to the neighborhood pool.  We are really blessed to have a great pool with a slide that the kids love.  Emma even started going down the slide with us because she saw Julia doing it (more on Emma and the pool later).  Friday we got up and went to Legoland.  The kids loved it, next year we'll have to hit up the aquarium.  finally Saturday came the party.  We had a pinata, which was at least 30 minutes of entertainment and a few other things which didn't entertain for nearly as long.  When it was all over and it was nap time, Emma was aglow.  She couldn't get herself to sleep for her nap for well over an hour as I heard her in her room talking and singing.  All that made everything worth it.  It now took us at least 2 weeks to catch up on life.  i am only partly kidding.

As for the pool, again, Emma is a child that has to decide she wants to do something herself.  We entered her into swimming lessons a few weeks ago and it was very clear that she didn't yet want to do it.  As in she spent the first 2 sessions crying. . .for 30 minutes straight.  She literally wouldn't do anything.  Then came the bday weekend and we both went to the pool a lot and she got to see her cousins playing in the pool.  It then all clicked and now Emma really seems to like it.  As getting out of the house with an infant and a cranky toddler isn't what I would call fun, it has really enticed us to go to the pool more.

Kinsley is moving on up too.  she started eating baby food about a month ago and really seems to like everything so far.  She loves to just sit and play, and mobilization may be around the corner as she has started pushing herself backwards.  She still smiles a lot and makes some crazy faces, even more than i remember Emma doing. 

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